Starship III - Fully 3D Printable 28mm Spaceships

Created by 2nd Dynasty

Complete 28mm scale 3D printable spaceships for tabletop play or display, including full OpenLOCK-compatible modular interiors. Please note that store orders may take several days to fulfil and nothing will be delivered before Monday the 11th of March.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

One Year On...
about 2 months ago – Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 05:40:03 PM

Guys, it's amazing to think that Starship III successfully funded one year ago today! This amazing project marked a serious milestone in my life, allowing me to switch to making 3D printable terrain and spaceships full time! Not only has it made me a very fulfilled creator, it's led to four amazing starships that are proving more and more popular with every day!

So with the greatest sincerity, thank you

You made this happen!

New Ship Variants!

Ironic that today, we also released two amazing new ship variants that were offered as Add-Ons for Starship IV. 

The hammerhead scout ship...

The first is the hammerhead scout ship variant, which changes the profile of the Scout Ship Beta drastically. I love it to be honest, and am proud of the design. I envisage this as changing the Beta into an Alpha, ;)

A command and control vessel to coordinate a larger fleet.

The interior space is quite roomy...

As you can see, the bridge got a bit of an upgrade, becoming split level, but you could honestly do a lot with the space.

There is a new underside turret added, with stubs to lock barrels in place.

Next, we have a new extender, the Long Transport Delta, aimed at making the ship, well... longer :D


This adds some more room to the Delta, changing the profile drastically. You choose yourself if you want to haul more cargo, have more spacious living arrangements, or do something out of the box, such as prisoner transport! 

Very Stretchy...

These ships upgrade packs (and more) are now available on the Pledge Manager for Starship IV over on MyMiniFactory

For more updates like these, check out our social media presence:

Thanks again for all your wonderful support, and hope to see you soon in Starship V! Expect a homage to The Expanse!

Final Delivery!
3 months ago – Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 09:46:43 AM

It has been a long time coming, but finally, the last of the items have been delivered!

It's been a long time coming...

Thanks to Isabell, our fantastic intern, we have completed these nine additional minis in 270 and tactical scale. The turrets had to be simplified of course for that size, but I think they turned out well. You will have to see for yourselves!

Of course, not every variant combination was possible due to the small size, but this should round out your fleets and allow a few more options!

BackerKit Closing

As we have now completed delivery, we will close the pledge manager on Backerkit in a week, giving anyone who has not locked their pledge the time to make final adjustments before we automatically lock pledges and send out the files to those who have missed it.

Watch out for backerkit emails if this is you, we will give you a week to respond before we send out the files and close the pledge manager.

Starship IV Pledge Manager is Live!

If you missed Starship IV, you still have a chance to get a hold of the Chimera and Pathfinder ships, this time on My Mini Factory. We have chosen them as a pledge manager because it means you can get direct access to available files!

The Pathfinder, shown above, is a somewhat smaller variant of the Chimera

Check out Starship IV if you haven't done so before the late pledges close!

Also, one final word, that our friends over at Ill Gotten Games are kickstarting Starfolk at the moment, great STL files for sci-fi minis! Check it out.

Final 24-hour Stretch for the Chimera
5 months ago – Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 02:25:52 PM

Not an update on Starship III, but a final call for Starship IV: Chimera, our biggest ship to date, but far more than meets the eye! If  you haven't had a chance to check it out, there is plenty in here for returning Starship III backers!

The Chimera is a large ship stock standard, but is incredibly modular:

That's a scout ship in the lower left corner

So far, there are 19 stretch goals, and we are around 500 SEK short of a 20th. That's not including the campaign-exclusive add-ons, some of which you may be interested in.

If the price and such a large ship are a turn off, we have done a variant that is around 40% smaller that nets you just a deep space exploration ship...

But then of course, there are some add-on variants that you may like for your scout or transport.

Plus, if you like the large turret versions of those ships, here are some additional options:

And a new idea, modular starfighters:

There is only a short time left, so check it out before it is gone. You can get on the pledge manager by dropping as little as 10 kr.

I am also livestreaming tonight on twitch, see the campaign page for details!

Starship IV is Here!
6 months ago – Thu, Oct 24, 2019 at 12:35:14 AM

We are pleased to introduce Starship IV: Chimera, our next starship! Yes, only one this time, but she's huge!

Returning Backer Upgrade Pledge

If you backed previously for Starship III, we've made a special Upgrade Pledge. This is the same as the All-In pledge, but a little cheaper to thank you for your continued patronage.

The exclusive add-ons will include a new variant each for the scout ship and transport!

I really appreciate the support, it's thanks to you guys that I've been able to continue to create cool stuff as my day job! You guys are awesome!

Starship IV Launches on Wednesday!
6 months ago – Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 11:15:02 PM

We are proud to announce the launch of Starship IV Chimera, our largest and most modular ship to date, which will go live this Wednesday, the 23rd of October, 2019, at 17:00 Central European Time (+2 UTC)!

The ship, fully printed, is an astounding 90 cm (that's three feet) in length! She features three decks stock standard, and holds more internal volume than all three of our previous ships combined!

We are very excited to launch, and you can be sure that this mighty ship (currently unarmed) will have many variant pieces and allow you to lengthen, widen and heighten the ship as much as gravity, and your printer will allow!

She's a big girl, as you can see here me in comparison as we were shooting the pitch video...

As with previous kickstarters, we will be offering you, our past backers first day great prices to thank you for your loyalty. So keep your eyes peeled on this space, or better yet, follow it on Facebook or join our discord.

More soon!